Bio: I'm a 60-year-old ex-London-busker anthropologist and writer, currently living in South Australia. Anthropological interests include the social reproduction and amplification of violence; the point at which history and mythology merge; the historical nature of mythology; the mythical nature of history; all forms of social violence, especially modern forms of scapegoating rituals embedded in social process (eg. unemployment). I also write historical novels and have just published one about Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire, who conquered Babylon in the C7th BCE. It is available as a paperback from the author (email theseustoo@dodo.com.au for further information, or as a paperback or an e-book from Xlibris.com I have posted most of my work to date here and I'm (still) looking forward to many interesting conversations and debates. Please feel free to leave comments and/or questions. It should be needless to say so, but I suppose for the sake of covering myself legally, I should point out that the opinions expressed by everyone in these articles and videos that I post, are not necessarily my own! Astyages

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. OMG. This is Joe. you are the shiz! I read your work on YouTube and it brought me here, and this is FABU!

    Niiiiiice. I’m thinking, Secretary of Deep Thinking! If you help us run, we’re SURE to win. So, you’re in Australia… are you a puppet of the queen, or are you a rebel? She should have no power in your land! FREEDOM!!

    I’m proud of this communication, on behalf of the campaign. I think I was straightforward, and there’s absolutely no reason for a campaign partner to raise a single hackle. No potential hackles, but should it occur, you shall hear from his majesty. That was a joke. He’s not royalty, he’s just a Nigerian Prince. He’s not a Nigerian Prince and that was a metaphor.

    We are, as a policy, against royalty and class designation, and therefore, all references to personal claims of royalty are to be regarded as metaphorical… or “inside jokes” whereupon, you are on the outer portion, as sides go.

    I thank you for a prompt response to my query, and must add that Thorium is a viable source of fission energy.


    • Hey Joe! (Sounds like a good title for a song, doesn’t it?) Nice to see you here, and thanks for the compliment…

      As to whether or not I’m a ‘slave to her majesty’ I can say that I try very hard NOT to be… (although I actually DID do the washing-up for the Queen Mum’s 80th birthday bash at the Hurlingham Club, which was just directly across the river from where we lived in Putney at the time…) But these days who knows…? I’m on a disability pension, so I am, unfortunately, dependent on the state for my living, but I have always been a rebel, if sometimes a rather reluctant one…

      Currently, if I serve the system at all, I like to think it is as a critic… and I DO critique Australian, UK, USA, and European cultural and social systems as a matter of DUTY.

      Ah… help you ‘run’ what, exactly…?

      No hackles raised here, anyway… and I haven’t seen any Nigerian Princes lately… although Adelaide has a lot of African refugees… mostly from the Sudan, I think.

      Like yourself, I’m against royalty on principle, which you may confirm by reading my outline of a paradigm for understanding violence as a form of human self-expression, “Aesthetics of Violence” (Chapter V), which is posted on both of my blogs… In this book I discover that: Violence = Hierarchy and Hierarchy = Violence… so I’m philosophically inclined to egalitarianism; we may not all be equal… but we are ALL equally HUMAN! And that fact should be worthy of some consideration and respect.

      You need have no fear; any references to royalty that you may find on this blog (other than those made in historical videos about the same, over which I have no control) will only ever be made with the heaviest of irony… And I must say that Thorium does seem to have some very promising characteristics… IF ONLY our ‘leaders’ will allow us to develop this technology, along with other clean, renewable energy sources, and allow these to replace existing energy sources…

      One can but hope! I shall not, however, hold my breath!

      Once again, welcome to An Atheist in Adelaide… I hope that you will become a regular visitor and look forward to many interesting conversations.



  2. Hello from Minneapolis, Minnesota! What a lovely blog.

    I also write, but the boring kind: technical writing. What I enjoy most about your writing style is its precision.

    I read that you are on disability pension. I am also, but we call it Social Security Disability in the States. Being disabled since 2013 has opened my eyes to the true nature of this system of things; not because I have more time to study it, but because I am now an outsider to the rat race.

    I will write more as I read your blog. Thank you for inviting me.


    • Hello to you too, Kris… from Adelaide, South Australia… So glad you enjoy my blog. Yes… having a disability (even a relatively minor one like mine…) is certainly an eye-opener… You see for the first time many things others take for granted… On the up side, at least it does give us a little more time… and I find great relief in not being part of the rat-race any more… “Always look on the bright side of life…” eh? I look forward to hearing more from you; please don’t be shy about asking questions if you find anything you either don’t understand, or which you find questionable… Cya later, Astyages.


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