What Christianity Can’t Teach Us About How To Live

It’s been a while since I actually published anything I’ve written that’s actually about atheism. I was just perusing my old blog and came across this article I wrote some time ago. It was written in response to an article on the ABC’s ‘Unleashed’ blog (RIP, ‘Unleashed’!) by Joel Hodges, who was making excuses for the fact that, as predicted, Christian ‘chaplains’, who had been installed in secular public schools, had been caught proselytizing to the children they were supposed to ‘counsel’… against the expressed wishes of atheist parents.  Evidently, the wishes of parents appear to be of little or no importance to Mr Hodges who dismisses them by suggesting that such proselytizing was “…probably good for them.”

What I wrote then in response to Mr Hodges post is as relevant today as it was then. I hope it provides food for thought.


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What Christianity Can’t Teach us About How to Live


David L Rowlands

(This article was first offered to the ABC for publication in response to Joel Hodge’s latest article, “Christianity can teach us the meaning
of life”. As ‘Aunty’ has apparently declined to publish it, I have decided to publish it here instead; and also at the Pigs Arms.)

This article is a direct response to Joel Hodge’s latest article on the Drum/Unleashed. It seems to me that he should not be allowed to get away with using the ABC to preach a lot of immediately observable and easily disputable falsehoods.

As someone in the comments section to his article has already pointed out, the upshot of this article appears to be “Okay, chaplains have been caught out preaching and proselytizing in direct contravention of the guidelines; so what, it’s probably good for you…”

It is apparently impossible even…

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