The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie

(I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized)


I used to argue very strongly in favour of the reality of climate change (though I often opposed proposed methods on how to deal with it, such as ‘carbon taxes’ or ‘carbon trading’…) convinced by the Keeling Curve which showed a very direct correlation between the growth and expansion of industry (and hence, CO2)…

The one argument that was put forward that made me really stop and think was proposed by a regular poster on the ABC’s ‘Unleashed’ blog, Graham Bird, who suggested that sunspots were causing climate change, and that the whole ‘climate change’ ideology was a scam… and for a long time I’ve held back my decision ’til I felt like I’d heard enough evidence, but I think I actually made my mind up some time ago…

Now I can see that he was right.

Birdie (hope you won’t mind if I use the nickname I gave you; it’s done with affection…) my sincere apologies. I was misinformed… I understand the NWO much better now and know that such scams are ten-a-penny in this ‘Brave New World’…

I used to think a united world would be a good thing, too… Once upon a time my favourite t-shirt bore the logo, “One World, One Nation”… And in spite of the New World Order I still think it would be a good idea; but what I see emerging over the past five or six decades is not a single ‘nation’, nor yet a single ‘federation’ (a la ‘Star Trek, for example) but rather, just another empire; a world subjugated and held both down and together by force.

Even the Romans eventually learned that what is held together by force can only be held together as long as the force is applied; and in the end, it becomes far to expensive, whether in terms of manpower or energy, to continue the application of force. In the end, much like the British in India, the Romans just packed up and went home… to finally deal with all the real problems they’d been ignoring whilst dreaming of imperial glory.

One can only hope the NWO will do the same… only much more rapidly! However, as their real reasons are ultimately religious, I know better than to hold my breath; such ‘believers’ as these never learn… and their ‘prophecies’ are self-fulfilling…


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