Experimental ‘work around’ solution to the video problem

G’day everyone! This is a link to a new blog I’ve just started about another hobby of mine: Kayak Fishing!

The new blog’s name is: Kayak Fishing in South Australia and the UK

It’s a pleasant change from all the troubles of the world and anyone who is interested in kayaking, or fishing, or both, is welcome to contribute stories, photos, videos, fisherman’s tales or anything else which strikes their fancy…

In any case, at the very least, I hope visitors will all leave a comment, at least to say “G’day!” And if you’re into piscatorial or paddling pursuits, I do hope you’ll hit the ‘like’ button and subscribe. Thanks for looking at my blog; I do hope you enjoyed it.


Kayak Fishing in South Australia and the UK

I’m just thinking perhaps there’s a work-around solution to my not being able to post videos here: I CAN post them on my YouTube channel, (Thesuestoo Astyages’ YT channel) and maybe post a link to them here… so here goes… let’s see if it works!

Heheheh… Whaddaya know? It works! I can do it if use the ‘insert URL’ command! Cool… It’s a bit slow, but it’s a feasible work-around solution, I reckon!

Okay, included in this short play-list, there’s a couple of vids of the first two fish I actually managed to catch, not only on the kayak, but also on camera; if you want to see them, just wait a few seconds at the end of each vid and they should start automatically; if not, you may have to click on the ‘next’ button on the Video-player command bar. This play-list currently has three videos on it. They’re all still very early experiments with the…

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