Perhaps Tomorrow

This is a poem by Ziggy Rowlands… I’ve kept it in my wallet for over thirty-five years now. I don’t know if Ziggy will ever read this, or if he remembers this poem… I’d like to hope, both! But she’s such a wicked little sprite, that Hope! Such a tease! Anyway, Ziggy, if you read this, I hope you remember it… and manage to recapture a little of that spirit.

Perhaps Tomorrow…

And now I must go…

Forever to wander away from my past,

Into a clean and fresh tomorrow,


The crystal hopes of every next-day,

Like shining glass stars

Fall glittering backwards to today,

But so with them, does reality,

Which shatters crystal stars at my feet.

But still I smile and say,

“Perhaps tomorrow…”

(Ziggy, I hope you won’t mind… I’ve made some minor changes to the punctuation, and have changed a single word from your original text; it now reads, “Fall glittering backwards…” instead of “Come glittering backwards…” Anyway… if you object, all you have to do is leave a comment on this page and let me know and I’ll change it back straight away!)



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