Christian Dilemmas – The Secret History of Christianity and the Bible

(I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized)

This is a fascinating video on the history of the Bible and Christianity which reveals the absurdity of the Christian religion… but I must say I find the main speaker’s conclusions at the very end of the movie are extremely puzzling to say the least…

One can only assume that he’s probably one of those once-religious people who, having discovered the falsity of ‘religion’, somehow still don’t want to believe that ‘god’ doesn’t exist… and who then end up denying ‘religion’ but refusing ‘atheism’ or ‘agnosticism’ (I’m listing both of these for the sake of those who still imagine there’s some kind of real difference between the two). The strange thing about such people is that, whilst refuting religion, they continue to preach on the existence of some (now probably nameless) ‘god’… and, where they are successful, end up starting their own religious cult… which, of course, they will call anything but ‘religion’…

Nonetheless, for all that I disagree with the final conclusion, I must say that the history is very well researched and presented and that the video is well worth watching, in spite of the fact that it largely ignores the recent research done by historians such as Richard Carrier, which conclude that there was no ‘historical’ Jesus.



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