Inside the Belly of the Beast

Vince Chernak interviews the current holder of the McMaster University Chair for Scholarship in the Public Interest, Henry A Giroux, whose recent work includes “America’s Education Deficit and the War on Youth” and “Neoliberalism’s War on Higher Education”

This interview excellently explains the current plight of western educational systems and offers a faint ray of hope…

I’m reblogging this post from Desultory Heroics in the interests of education in the broadest possible sense of the word.


Desultory Heroics


The Manifold Crises Threatening Higher Education

By Vince Chernak and Henry A. Giroux

Source: Counterpunch

When Western University president Amit Chakma’s jaw-dropping income was posted recently on the Sunshine list, it put a spotlight on the inequities and conflicts that exist in the contemporary university between the administration and faculty, contract instructors and students. The corporatization of the university means the administrators are well off, while those responsible for actual education, doing the teaching, are struggling to survive.

But that may just be the tip of iceberg in this scandal. Prof. Henry Giroux, a renowned and formative thinker in critical pedagogy notes that the role of the university president has diminished into a fundraising machine and is just part of the disturbing decline in the university. “What we need to do is reimagine that the university is a place to think,” he says, “a place for peace, a place that…

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