Zero for 40 at Predicting Attacks: Why Do Media Still Take FBI Terror Warnings Seriously?

Imho, the FBI’s 100% incorrect ‘terror warnings’ to the USA are ALL about ‘beefing up local security forces…’ It’s simply the logical operation of a totalitarian system… they want more legal powers and kill-toys, so they come up with some vague threat or other to give them the excuse… That’s all they have to do… then they get their mates in congress to vote them all the power and kill-toys they want… which Congress is quite happy to do because it too wants more power and control over ‘We the People’… but I don’t think it’s that ‘We the People’ are scared at all… we’re not being ‘led by fear’… I think we see where the real dangers lie. It’s just that fear (ie. need for more security=insecurity=fear) is the excuse being claimed to ‘beef up security forces’ and further deprive ‘We the People’ of any ‘rights’ they may think they still have left…

The real truth is, as Chris Hedges pointed out to us all the citizens of the USA have a far greater chance of being killed by their own police than by ISIS…

One cannot help but ask oneself, “Who are the REAL terrorists?”

Desultory Heroics

By Adam Johnson

Source: FAIR

On Monday, several mainstream media outlets repeated the latest press release by the FBI that country was under a new “heightened terror alert” from “ISIL-inspired attacks” “leading up to the July 4th weekend.” One of the more sensational outlets, CNN, led with the breathless warning on several of its cable programs, complete with a special report by The Lead’s Jim Sciutto in primetime:


The threat was given extra credence when former CIA director—and consultant at DC PR firm Beacon Global Strategies—Michael Morell went on CBS This Morning (6/29/15) and scared the ever-living bejesus out of everyone by saying he “wouldn’t be surprised if we were sitting [in the studio] next week discussing an attack on the US.” The first piece of evidence Morell used to justify his apocalyptic posture, the “50 ISIS arrests,” was accompanied by a scary map on the CBS

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