Reality Change II: “Hope for the best, Prepare for the Worst.”


Not a pretty picture.

Not all of these events will come to pass but since this list was first compiled in 2011, we are already seeing some of these scenarios playing out.  Who knows? They may all arrive within a year…

“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” as some bright spark once said…

Returning to our Machiavellian friend and insider Zbigniew Brzezinski, this man has had his pulse on the flow between pathocrat and the global public for several decades. Driven by an irrational and all-consuming hatred of Russia, Brzezinski is a master tactician and highly astute at deciphering the many possible futures currently jostling for supremacy.  If he is worried about the scope and depth of changes taking place, then you can be fairly certain he’ll telegraph his concerns to the pathocratic faithful so that contingencies can be updated.

Zbigniew-Brzezinski2006Zbigniew Brzezinski 2006

In recent…

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