Britains Invisible Empire (full lecture)

(I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized)

This is a very important speech in some respects, but it is also a very long one… so put the kettle on and make a few sangers to keep you going! This ‘invisible empire’ is in fact, the architecture of the NWO… ’nuff said!

😉 (Asty)

I just tried to comment on another of Larouche’s videos, but it won’t let me! (I must have offended the gods of YouTube!) But as it does rather relate to a similar theme, I’ll post it here anyway… It was in response to Larouche’s video about Bertrand Russell, in which he describes Russell as ‘the most evil man who ever lived’… I found this over the top, and I must say, that I’ve also noticed certain ‘OTT’ statements about certain historical processes which NEEDED to happen; and the secularization of society is one of them… And consequently to his belief, the easiest way to cure the REAL ‘drug problem’ of modern society IS in fact to END the ‘War on Drugs’ which amounts to nothing more nor less than an innovative marketing strategy… However, I digress… Here’s my thoughts on the Bertrand Russell video, and on Lyndon Larouche, more genrally:

The problem, I think, with Larouche, is that he DOES see a lot of what’s wrong with the world, and how historical events have been manipulated for various ‘private’ interests… namely the interests of the British monarchy and the NWO… However, because he is making his observations from the limited perspective of a religious believer, he ends up making some rather stupid observations, like the above… Bertrand Russell? The most evil man who ever lived? For what? For having invented the ‘Celestial Teapot’ which gives believers such a headache? What Larouche and many other believers fail to realize is that it is precisely their religions; or, perhaps more accurately, through their religious leaders which are being used to enslave and control them… Has he ever heard of Alistair Crowley, I wonder? Or Hitler? Or Netanyahu? Or Bush (either of these…) Plenty more appropriate candidates to choose from I reckon!

As Larouche himself says, the NWO is also a ‘spiritual’ phenomenon… Well… more or less, I suppose… but I’d substitute the word ‘religious’ for ‘spiritual’ (something which can exist independently, regardless of religion; indeed, the latter has a tendency to be a great impediment to the former!) And it certainly IS a religious phenomenon; I’m prepared to accept that the Rothschilds, in their position as bankers for the British royal family and the Vatican and who are also known to practice a form of ‘Luciferianism’ (the Rothshcilds anyway, if not the Vatican, though there are suggestions that this is also the case there too!), probably DO lead a secret society which has infiltrated most or all of the religions at the highest of levels, and which has its own ongoing agenda which appears to be currently driving modern history…

I wonder if Larouche has figured out the Zionist/Israeli connection yet…? Or will his own religious beliefs blind him to what Israel is really all about in obedience to commands that ‘true believers’ should ‘bless Israel’…?

I wonder what he would make of the fact that even an atheist, like myself, can see the evil in the world and desire to fight against it…?

Interestingly, there is a passage in the Revelation (of St John the Divine) which suggests that believers who would avoid the terrible fate of those associated with the ‘Beast’ and its works should ‘get out of that church’… in a context which suggests the RCC (it describes princes with robes of crimson and rings of gold, in the ‘city on seven hills’…) But nowhere is there anything in the Revelation which suggests that they should ‘get into’ ANY OTHER church!

I see too, the phrase in the Revelation which says, “the old heaven and the old earth will have passed away and there will be a new heaven and a new earth” as being a far-sighted reference by some ancient sage, to a time (which we may well be approaching!) when the old (religious) paradigm is no longer necessary, or viable, having been removed after having proven so false… and that the ‘new heaven and new earth’, imho, most probably refers to a new, and secular paradigm…

NB: it is ONLY in countries which are secularly governed, that ‘religious freedom’ even becomes possible, since the one thing the various sub-strains of the Abrahamic religious paradigm (commonly referred to as the Judeo-Christian paradigm) ALL have in common is the ‘divine’ command in their scriptures to ‘kill the infidel’… which basically amounts to anyone who interprets scriptures differently from any given particularly influential individual…


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