(I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized)

Wow! This demonstration was made in 2012… I wonder if anything has been done about it since… I think I may try repeating the experiment, although I’m not living in the USA, of course… and I very rarely eat cereals…

Even so, it would be an interesting experiment to perform and it would be informative to at least know whether or not local companies are trying to poison us here in Oz too… Hmmm… might be worthwhile repeating with other cereals too… and other foods… what about bread for example?

Is this what they mean when they label a product, “Iron Enriched” and usually charge a premium for?

I reckon this would make an excellent lesson for High School Physics teachers to get their students to do… it would provide an an object lesson in experimental methodology, as well as a lesson on the purposes and utility of science in terms of the practical value of the knowledge of experimental technique; not to mention an object lesson in how “not all is as it seems…” and it may contain a vital warning to them about how much all these companies, who advertise their products as ‘healthy’, REALLY care about their consumers…

Us older ‘kiddies’ can also take a few pointers from this lesson, about how “Agenda 21” is already being implemented.

If anyone reads this and repeats the experiment, not just here in Oz, but in the USA or indeed, anywhere on the planet, please let us here at “An Atheist in Adelaide” know the results.



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