directed energy weapons navy test

(I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized)

I’m posting this video of the US Navy’s testing of one of their own Directed Energy Weapons just to let the general populace know that such ‘star-wars’-type technology cannot be dismissed as ‘science fiction’… even in the context of Judy Wood’s claims about what happened on 9/11. There are many who would like to ridicule Dr Woods, and her theory competes with the Architects and Engineers’ theories about thermite or nano-thermite…

I should point out that I think that both Wood and the A&E team are BOTH ignoring significant evidence provided by their ‘competitor’…

I think they should both be working together, rather than trying to compete with each other and ending up only further ‘muddying the waters’. It is my own humble opinion that BOTH a DEW and some form of explosives (I’ll accept either thermite, thermite or nano-thermite as being the most likely culprits) working in tandem to bring down the twin towers, whilst the collapse of WTC7 was, in my opinion very clearly, a classic controlled demolition.

If we compare the manner in which the twin towers were destroyed (from somewhere near the top downwards, and I’d agree with Dr Woods that these towers did NOT ‘collapse’ but were ‘dustified’… turned into dust in mid-air…) to the collapse of WTC7, there is a very obvious difference, as the destruction of WTC7 started at the bottom and the rest of the building fell down into its own footprint in exactly the manner one might expect of a controlled demolition…

That either of these methods was the sole instrument of 9/11 destruction is, I think, bordering on disinformation, though this may just be accidental in this case. It would be sad to see the 9/11 Truth movement ‘divided and conquered’ by each side insisting on their own theory without considering the third possibility I have just given.

Comments and thoughts would be much appreciated… but of course, trolls will not be published…



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