The Federal Reserve does NOT have a f*cking charter!

Ted Torbich eloquently reminds us that “… there is absolutely no point in waiting for the charter to come up… which is what they keep telling us to do, ‘Oh, their Charter is coming up for renewal soon’… because there IS NO FUCKING CHARTER!”

Don’t let the professional liars, ie. your politicians! pull the wool over your eyes… they’re hoping that eventually this issue will fade from public memory and then they’ll be back to ‘business as usual’…

Does everyone realise, I can’t help but wonder, that in giving a PRIVATE corporation the right to create money out of thin air AS DEBT, means essentially a GIFT of EVERY DOLLAR THAT IS EVER BROUGHT INTO EXISTENCE to said corporations, and this ON TOP OF ensuring the continued slavery of our children, grandchildren and descendants IN PERPETUITY!

And all this to ensure the ‘Chosen Ones’ (ie.the Zionists) get what they think is theirs… EVERYTHING!

Isn’t it time the USA started to treat those treacherous dual-citizenship Israelis for the traitors they really are?





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