The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship: Money, Mossad, and the CIA (1991)

(I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized).

Let’s put this ‘special relationship’ into it’s proper context: The CIA is controlled by Mossad and the USA is controlled by the Rothschild Zionist banksters… who are robbing the American people blind at the same time as Isrsael demands more and more from then in terms of foreign aid (Israel gets more than twice as much American foreign aid as ANY other country…which it uses for its genocidal wars against Palestine and now Syria…)
The nature of this ‘special relationship’ is that the USA is effectively Israel’s tool… to put it into the US vernacular: America is Israel’s bitch… and will do whatever Israel demands… even when it is entirely contrary to the interests of the USA or the American people, who are all regarded as simply a source of funds and cattle fodder for Israel’s wars (packaged as ‘America’s’ wars…)
Unless the USA does something to end this ‘special relationship’ VERY soon, the USA will soon cease to exist; America’s Israeli ‘friends’ have already virtually destroyed the American economy by the fraudulent practice of ‘fractional reserve lending’ (not to mention ‘sub-prime’ loans!), which, were you or I to try such outlandish practices, would be plainly called ‘daylight robbery’… Loaning money they don’t have at interest…
And even though the USA’s economy is almost totally trashed, while Israel’s economy is in a healthy surplus, Israel still insists on claiming ‘foreign aid’ from their ‘allies’ the USA… (and the 3 billion it gets in official ‘foreign aid’ is just the tip of the iceberg!)
You might be forgiven for imagining that America’s ‘special relationship’ with Israel might oblige THEM to help THE USA when this sort of situation arises, but apparently not…
The Zionist bloodsuckers will suck the USA dry without the slightest twinge of conscience because, of course, Israel sees itself as ‘God’s Chosen People’… and of course, ‘Chosen Ones’ can do no wrong… can they? No matter how many they rob, enslave, torture, imprison or kill…?
Time to wake up to the fact that the USA’s ‘special relationship’ with Israel is entirely dysfunctional; with Israel playing the role of an abusive husband who not only beats up his wife, but turns her out as a whore into the bargain… Good luck, USA! You’ll need it!

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