ISIS Newbies Hilariously Regret Career Choice

I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized.

Just in case anyone out there is stupid enough to consider running away to join ISIS, please take a little time to reflect on this video, and think about who it is you’re thinking you’re helping… and to think a bit about just exactly what you WILL be forced to do in order to do so!

I’ll bet there are a helluva lot of ISIS members who regret what they’re doing now… and for much better reasons than they don’t like doing the washing up! But they are locked into ISIS and are too scared to leave for two reasons: first, ISIS would kill them if they were caught escaping… and secondly, even if they ran back home, they fear they may well be arrested and/or imprisoned for having joined and fought with ISIS…

Please… learn the lesson BEFORE it becomes a mistake!

Just don’t go… ISIS are nobody’s heroes; they’re just a bunch of cowardly psychopaths who happen to have been given weapons and tacit permission to kill whoever they like; they are thugs whose time on this planet is severely limited. The world can simply not permit them to exist for much longer… no matter how much clandestine support they get from Israel, the Saudis and the USA…

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