CIA Agents Reveal Secrets of the CIA

I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized.

“The threat in this country; the threat to the world is terrorism…”

And the CIA is the largest terrorist organization on the planet… with the possible exception of Mossad…

“… And the antidote to terrorism is intelligence…”

Of which the CIA apparently has precious little or none!

If it were really intelligent, as an ‘intelligence organization’ really SHOULD be, they might realize that they are NEVER going to end terrorism by practicing it! They might also realize that war is simply terrorism on a larger scale…

The final summation of this situation as given in this video was half right: where they said, “… we should scrap the CIA entirely and start all over again…” They would have been more correct to just leave it at, “We should scrap the CIA ENTIRELY”

Secret societies – of ANY sort! – have NO PLACE in any country which truly wishes to consider itself democratic…


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