A History of God

Having posted a History of Satan, it is logical, I suppose, to consider a history of his ‘counterpart’, ‘god’… Here’s what I had to say about it in my comment on this video on YouTube… (I’m posting it here because comments I make on believer-owned sites are often removed… Many ‘believers’ really don’t like people who question – or perhaps, who cause THEM to question! – their beliefs…)

An interesting, if somewhat less than objective, history of god… Obviously written from a believer’s perspective, it assumes from the outset that these historical changes and differences in the perceived nature of the various ‘pagan’ (I have an issue with this word as it lumps a whole world full of vastly different religions into one overarching category; in doing so it is effectively as useless a word, and indeed, it bears the same highly questionable semantic content as the word ‘barbarian’…) gods are just that: differences of perception of what is now (trendily) perceived as the ‘same god’… Whilst this perception may have some merit, if only in the recent acceptance of the ecumenical mission to eradicate religious hatred and division, it also bears the flaw that it assumes from the outset that ‘god’ exists; it is therefore an ‘insider’s’ perspective; not an ‘outsider’s’ (ie. ‘objective’) perspective, carrying with it as it does, a very ‘preachey’ approach to their supposedly ‘wonderful’ modern perception of all these different gods as one (when often there is no connection, either cosmologically OR historically or even in the manner of worship). It does not even entertain the merest possibility of atheists being born, let alone consider the possibility of an atheistic cosmology… (Being born an ‘atheist’, I might add, is one thing; being allowed to live as one, however is quite another, as all the ancient religions had a nasty tendency firstly to indoctrinate ALL children and to kill off anyone who thought differently from the ‘official’ interpretation of whatever religion… Religion is thus where new ideas go to be killed off…) So atheism isn’t even considered as an ontological possibility… and this, though a serious omission, is hardly surprising, I suppose, from people who have been taught for millennia that any questioning at all of their own belief will automatically render them liable to eternal punishment; understandable, but hardly scientific. Probably take them another few millennia to get round to thinking that if we take the trend from polytheism to monotheism to its logical conclusion, the historical tendency being towards fewer and fewer gods, sooner or later we must arrive at the (adult, imho) perception that there is no god… 😉

(This link is posted under the educational provisions for ‘fair use’ under the copyright act… I do not own, nor do I claim any copyright in this video. Astyages)


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