Hello and welcome to ‘An Atheist in Adelaide’…

Hello and welcome to ‘An Atheist in Adelaide’…

In this blog I hope to explore issues which may be of relevance to atheists in Adelaide, as well as items of general and particular interest to either myself or my readers.

My own particular interests currently include learning how to play blues guitar, so I shall occasionally post recordings of practice or jam sessions. In fact I have a very particular reason to share such musical posts regularly, in order to help a certain Syrian friend of mine keep her spirits up in what can only be a very desperate situation… (Hello Buthaina, and welcome!) I plan to have a ‘Band Page’ specially for sharing musical posts, and I hope to receive as many as I post, from other amateur musicians who feel like showing off their licks… Anyone who is using Griff Hamlin’s blues courses might get a special benefit from watching this page, as I am using Griff’s courses too! 😉

Other interests include History and Mythology and I plan to publish, in serial form, my own interpretation of the story of Cyrus the Great, as well as an anthropological work entitled, “Aesthetics of Violence” which outlines a paradigm for understanding violence as a form of human self-expression (NB… at no stage do I ever condone or advocate the use of violence, which I personally find barbaric). In fact, since I consider this to be my most important piece of writing, I shall serialize this one first… especially as it also has a bearing on the relationship between religion and violence).

But not everything that I post will be serious; far from it! Not only do I intend to publish some of my own literary comedic and even poetic efforts, but I shall also post links to some of my favorite old comedy shows… because in the insane world in which we currently find ourselves in this wonderful 21st Century, laughter is the only possible sane response!

Another theme I intend to pursue is the phony wars the USA keeps starting all over the globe in order to destabilize any regime which will not permit a Rothschild-Zionist reserve bank… such as that which is currently raping the economy of every country which DOES have such a ‘central reserve bank’… and all the while Israel uses the USA as her bully boy, not caring how many American or other ‘goyim’ (cattle) lives are lost in the Zionist cause… they support both sides of all wars merely so they can profit from the sale of arms… and of course, contracts to rebuild the countries they destroy… The whole world gets poorer, more violent and more desolate, but these 1%-ers get richer and richer; the Rothschilds, to name but one family (of the thirteen families reputed to rule the world…) owns fifty percent of the world’s wealth!

So yes, you can anticipate a fair amount of conspiracy theories displayed and discussed, too… and I use the term ‘conspiracy theory’ with respect! NOT as the derogatory term the CIA would have us view it as… Let’s face it: Conspiracies ARE REAL! And no amount of wishing it wasn’t so will make them go away!

Anyway, I hope it will be anything but dull… Chat soon! 😀

‘Bye for now!


(An Atheist in Adelaide)


3 thoughts on “Hello and welcome to ‘An Atheist in Adelaide’…

  1. I wish you all success … I’m very pleased to meet you here and to listen to your music away from the noisy space of face book 😀


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